When you think of the word environment, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a landscape dominated by the colour green, filled with trees, grass and plants, but in my exhibition I wanted to show another feature of the environment that is beautiful but does not immediately come to mind when you think of the word environment, and has a diverse range of colours instead of sticking to green hues. Sunsets fit this role perfectly as each sunset is unique and will be viewed and expressed differently by each artist. Sunsets are a great source of inspiration for artists because they are all unique and never stay the same at one point, and completely fill up the sky with a variety of vivid and beautiful colours. This exhibition displays artworks that illustrate each artist's opinion of how they see a sunset, or express the emotions felt when experiencing a sunset through a range of different mediums and styles, and communicate the messages of each artist. Each artwork also makes you feel a mix of emotions when you view them, sometimes they express the emotions that the artist may have felt while creating the artwork or the emotion that the artist felt when they were experiencing a sunset, while sometimes the artworks make you feel the emotions that the artist is aiming to make you feel. Each of these artworks do one of these things, which is why they are connected to my theme of sunset, which is within the theme of environment.

This work evidences the subjective frame
This work evidences the cultural frame
This work evidences the modern frame
This work evidences the structural frame
Credits: All media
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