My Egyptian art

This is an Egyptian gallery containing statues, and other "stuff."

This is a bust of the Goddess Sakhmet.She was the daughter of the Sun God Re and was set abroad to destroy all enemies of Egypt.When Re replaced her with another goddess,she refused to protect Egypt.
Akhethotep was a senior court official of Egypt and if famous for his tomb. Most court officials were wealthy enough to have tombs.
There were a lot of different statues depicting this picture. The Egyptians like to honor their gods quite a bit.
This is a statue of a scribe. Amunhotep owned several different offices. Originally only prince scribes could be worthy of a statue.
This is a Canopic Jar and is covered with Lady Senebtisi. Canopic Jars were used to hold the liver, stomach, intestines,and lungs during mummification.
This is a piece of papyrus. The most famous writing in this 7 foot long piece of papyrus depicts Senebtisi, who was a noblewomen and was very rich, and owned 95 servants.
This depicts soldiers honoring their leader. There are many different ethnicities in this stone tablet, which provides a general reflection upon the Egyptian Army.
In Egypt, lions were considered associated with the Sun God. This depicts a lion shaped furniture leg which shows that Egyptians honored their gods (with lion-shaped furniture legs).
The Ibis was associated with the reincarnation of Thoth, who was the god of writing and Papyrus and other stuff.
This is a limestone raised relief of some kings. On the left is the king Thutmose III. On the right, there is a partial image of a king, most likely to be Hatsheput.
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