"Infinite Color"             Conner Adams

Color happens to be one of my favorite aspects when it comes to beautiful art. My gallery utilizes the extraordinary use of color to express an overall visual theme. The art pieces I have included in my gallery express all types of different hue's, value's, and intensity levels of color. 

"Fusca com interior azul" is what looks to be an abstract painting of a car. See the headlights, windows, door, and wheels? The mixture of color values make it possible to create the shape of the car.
This piece depicts a girl with wavy hair and what looks to be fish swimming by her. The "cool" blue's, and purple's create an underwater feel. The color intensity of the fish contrast with the girl.
Here we see a beachfront sunset with what appears to be bouncing balls of color bursting from the intense yellow sun. Different values of sand olors depict an excellent reflection of the sun light.
A giant nude woman stands above the city while she walks. The dull intensity of the warm colors of the buildings create a very soft feel and lets the giant woman stand out from the rest of the piece.
A man wears a grungy tank top as he walks through the forest with a candle to light his path. Observe the dark values that make up the outer edges of the piece to express the brightness of the candle
A boy who appears to be upset is seen crying with a beautiful lake front behind him. The background uses light, peaceful values of yellows and oranges while the boy's dark reds express sadness.
A strong giant man hods up a cliff while standing in the water. This piece uses very flat and dull colors but properly uses different hues to separate the giant from the cliff front.
Multiple abstract shapes of bright colors are randomly placed in no certain order. Eyes of a woman are placed multiple times throughout the piece behind the shapes. with intense saturation of color.
A light house stands tall in the distance while the night sky is dimly lit. Different hues of the blue sky create a beautiful bright night illusion. The yellow hues bring attention to the lighthouse.
A man appears to be anxious as he bites the nails of both hands. Simple use of two colors utilize multiple hues really making this piece beautiful. I can feel the emotions through color.
Credits: All media
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