The era of Reform

The Times are changing in America.

This is a picture of Frederick Douglass, who was a reformer that attempted to get slaveholders to become abolitionists. He taught his work in the North and abroad. His beginning came after he escaped slavery in Baltimore and began teaching about the dangers of slavery.
This artifact is a picture of Harriet Tubman, a famous reformer who lived during the Era of Reform. Harriet Tubman was a slave that became tired of her life, she grew tired of her life and decided to take a daring risk, she attempted to escape slavery on the underground railroad. She was successful in her attempt but eventually felt that it was her duty to free more slaves via the railroad, so after she had gotten to freedom, she went back and freed more and more slaves, it is said that she made 19 trips to the South and free over 300 slaves.
This artifact is a well preserved picture of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (seated left) with fellow reformer Susan B. Anthony to her right. Stanton was a reformer that had grown tired of the way that her life was, meaning how she was expected to do all of the housework and to not ask about politics and such. Stanton grew tired of this as was many other women, they eventually organized the first women's rights convention where they talked about what they wanted as for rights, eventually they were successful in getting most of the rights they had asked for.
This painting is a wonderful showing of Dorothy Dix, who was a reformer for the mentally ill. Dix wound up in a prison, not as a convict, but as a teacher, she went and saw the horrible conditions that the mentally insane people were living in. Eventually she could not live with herself if she did nothing, so she decided to try and get better living conditions for the mentally insane which were eventually granted because of her idea.
This book is a representation of a reformer, named Horace Mann. Horace Mann was a reformer who wanted better schooling for the young people in America. Before Mann, schooling consisted of only 8 weeks out of the whole year, but Mann would not be able to live with this, he eventually was able to get the school year to be many more weeks than it was before.
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