Modern African Art

The statue uses simple geometry carved into wood which is highly characteristic of all periods of African art.
This statue is smother than many of the other statues but still keeps the signature proportions and retains some of its geometric simplicity.
The statue exentuates many of the figures characteristics which was a common practice in African art.
The eyes on this baby head headdress shows the common accentuated proportions common in African art.
This statue is indicative of how many of the pieces of art were used functionally, acting a snuff container.
The long armed proportions and exaggerated features.
The flatness of the head is an exaggerated portrayal of their ideal of beauty.
The statue is made of traditional materials like metal and wood, the body of the statue has a simplified cylindrical shape like a funerary container.
This figure has exemplifies many parts of the style in one piece. It has the classic materials, proportions and geometry, while also showing the natural material style.
This symbolic figure has a very simplified design as well as a strong stance.
The figure has the common African proportions and materials.
This figure uses many natural materials to create a unique worn texture that is common in African art.
The figure is geometrically simple as well as useful. It is created with classical materials and has exaggerated proportions.
This figure is far more abstract than any other figure here, and uses abnormal materials for the style, however the flatness of the head calls back to African proportions.
The elongated arms and harsh geometries of the figure are representative of popular African style, much like other figures in the collection.
This figure is a much more naturalistic looking one with a rougher texture, but still maintains the signature African proportions.
This statue is another example of exaggerated features, as well as simple geometries.
This statue is the most abstract of all of them with the most elongated features.
The figure is geometrically simple like the others, and is made of classical materials.
This is a very simple statue, with no limbs at all, this is the most extreme example of the simplified geometry present in the style.
This is the most detailed of any of the figures, as well as one of the most recent. However its finish and material still call back to its African base.
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