Bloemen ven de wereld

I really like this picture as it is very simple but pretty . i love the red and it is not just a plane borring tulip that is one colour and the red just adds to it .
I love this picture as well as if you look closly you can see tiny flowers in one big flower which is pretty cool in my apione as the artist used their imagionation.
I like this picture because it is colourful but sutle at the same time and it sertenty shows flowers in my eyes
This is so bright and i love bright pictures as they just attract you to them .
My favorate colours are purple and yellow as i think they go well together and i like this pcture because it has thoes colours in the pictures
I like this because it has 1 food (LOL) and 2 it is so well drawn and is also so pretty
I like this as it looks like a balloon of flowers and i think it is pretty and i like how there are bits of the fowers falling off the bunch .
This is also such a colourful picture of roses in a vase and i like how it is a bit graphic and cartoony.
I really like this as it is almost really to me it does look reall in a way and i like how it is not just one colour block and they have used didn't shades of one colour.
i like this due to that you can see the brush stocks on the page and it is so light and fluffy like a cake.
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