My Love is a Kiss by Summer Ronso

All love starts with a kiss. 

The Kiss by Koh Sang Woo is full of color and creativity. It also looks like there is texture to the picture and that you can reach out and actually touch the photo and feel the colors on the photo.
My favorite part of Kiss by Ahn Chang Hong is the lines. The lines may be hard but they almost transition in to each other to form such a graceful looking piece.
Mother's Kiss by Mary Cassatt looks almost in the old style of geisha paintings that were seen in Japan. The colors are pale but still stand out in a very beautiful way. The pattern and texture of her dress seem real, like they got this painting from a real thing.
Mural by Banksy by Banksy is a visualization of modern romance. The hard ness of the color and lines symbolize something that is such an impact the artist makes it hard to not notice the actions in the work.
Piligrimages. Povandenė by Romualdas Pozerskis is my favorite photo for the collection. It symbolizes the love in older couples. The black and white photo makes this the best way to show the act of a kiss.
Kiss IV by Edvard Munch is absolutely beautiful to me. The art work has such a great color to it. The texture of blacks and browns is absolutely beautiful and make the work more of an impact. If it were lighter colors I don't think it would have quite the same impact.
Paolo and Fracesca da Rimini by Dante Gabriel Rossetti is a beautiful renaissance type art work. The colors and textures are rich and really bring the work to life. It is such a beautiful rendition of an old royal style romance.
The contrast and color in The Kiss by Edvard Munch is quite beautiful and rich. Most of the work I have submitted are so rich in both color and textures it really impacts the viewers feeling portrayed in the art work.
Vj Day be Alfred Eisenstaedt is one of the most famous pieces of work ever made. It is a simple photo of a military member coming home from war and embracing the fact the war is over in a celebratory kiss. The colors make this piece very vivd and brings it life.
My last piece of work I decided to pick was a statue called The Kiss by Auguste Rodin. I wanted to show this one because of the actual texture to the work. Rodin actually got to touch an mold this into the beautiful piece of work it is. He got to feel each piece come to life.
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