Early Musicianship

This gallery shows paintings of musicians with or playing their instruments. As a musician, I love learning about the origins of where music came from and how it has grown. I chose this theme because it is very interesting to see not only the origins of music but the origins of instruments themselves and to see how musical instruments have evolved from so long ago.

"Bagpipe Player" portrays a man playing the bagpipes. The man shown is painted looking away from the painter's point of view which I think shows the musicians focus on his instrument and that he is immersed in the music. This painting focuses on dark earth tones in it's color pallet and has a very smooth and gentle texture in the brush work. The main focus is on the man and the bagpipes, with no visual elements in the background other than a solid wall.
"The Musician" depicts a musician playing the instrument known as a psaltery, which is a harp like instrument. The man in the painting is looking straight ahead at the point of view of the painter. Earth tones bring out natural feel of the scene and the psaltery is lightened with a lighter earth tone to bring out its wood material. The color value is shown brighter on the psaltery and the man and darkens in the background.
"A Musician" shows a woman sitting next to and holding a harp. The woman was painted looking straight ahead at the painter's point of view, like a portrait. The majority of this paintings color scheme is dark earth tones with accents of both light a full color on the woman's dress and the red flowers and white flowers. The saturation of the woman's dress is light where there is pink and the black sections of her dress are heavily saturated.
"A Concert" depicts a man playing a string instrument called a lute, and a man and woman are sitting behind him. The man playing the lute is painted looking away from the painters POV which shows his focus on his instrument. The man behind the musician seems to be looking at the man playing and the woman is looking straight ahead. The color scheme of this painting is mainly earth tones for a natural feel, accented with reds in the clothing and object that the man in the background is holding. Soft texture is used throughout the whole painting, feeling as though everything would be soft to the touch.
"Laughing Man With Flute" depicts, as its title says, a man laughing while holding a flute. The man was painted looking at the painter but with his head tilted to show emotion through his laughing. Most of the colors used are dark earth tones on the mans clothing and on the flute, with reds on the mans cuffs and shirt collar. The texture is very soft and smooth, giving the clothing and the mans skin a soft look and even on the flute.
"Boy Playing The Flute" shows a young boy playing the flute. The boy is painted as looking away from the painter, showing that he is focused on the music and instrument. Dark earth tones are used in the boys clothing, instruments, and chair and the boys hat is a dark red/ maroon color. The color value on the wall behind the boy is brighter up top and gets darker on the bottom half of the painting. The value on the boys clothing and face indicate that the light source was painted as coming from the left side of the painting.
"The Singing Lute Player" portrays a man playing the lute while singing. The man's body is turned on a slight angle away from the painters perspective but has his head cocked to the front more and is looking ahead. The focus of the color scheme is earth tones and dark earth tones, but there are some lighter colors like the blue and white on the mans sleeve and the red on the mans shirt. The texture of this work is smooth but looking at the mans face and hands, there is hints of roughness possibly to show rough skin.
"The Five Senses, Hearing" depicts and man playing the violin. The man is looking straight ahead and has almost a sad look on his face, possibly to show the emotion that the music is depicting as the moment he is playing the song. The very light grip the man has on the bow also points to softly played section in the song which could emphasis the sad emotion of the man's face. Dark earth tones fill out the background, the man's vest and hair, and the violin and the lighter colors are shown in the mans baggy sleeves along with lighter earth tones to give texture to the clothing.
"King David Playing The Harp" portrays exactly as the title says, King David playing the harp. King David is looking up, showing he is immersed in his music and instrument and there are two children that almost look as though they were painted to be like cherubs, one behind Kind David and the other helping to hold the harp. Dark earth tones fill the background and the children's clothing while lighter earth tones and lightly saturated colors bring out the harp, skin, and clothing of King David.
"David Playing The Harp Ahead Of The Ark" depicts a Man, David, playing a harp with men behind him holding large candles. David and the other men all seem to be looking at something to the right of the painting that cannot be seen. Dark earth tones were used in the clothing of the men behind David, the candle holders, the background, and the harp while lighter earth tones and whites were used in Davids clothing, headwear, and skin. The Textures of this painting are a mix of smooth and rough, different for the the clothing and skin of the men but the painting mostly consists of smooth textures.
Credits: All media
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