art elements

Value, You can see value because of the lightness and darkness of the object. You know it is lightness because the light reflects off the object and with darkness the light gets absorbed by the object
Space, This picture of the statue shows space because the statue shows positive space while the background show negative space.
Form, the painting shows form because the artist makes it look almost as if you can reach in and pick the rabbit up. It looks like that because of form.
Color, The beautiful ceiling shows color which there is many different hues. The value of the ceiling is all light not dark. the color is very intense.
Shape, The artwork shows shape because you can see the lines connect to make 2-D shapes.Most of these shapes are geometric but some are still organic.
Texture, This picture shows texture because the artist makes the rocks look jagged and rough.
Line, This shows line because all the lines connect and show a butterfly. The picture shows any different types of lines.
Credits: All media
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