Relationships: Business or Personal

Nature has its own way of building people and other creatures building lifelong relationships. The key thing to a relationship is with another is the trust, transparency, and a common goal or quality. Jane Jacobs exclaims that a natural environment is required for things such as relationships to thrive and grow, as people should personally know their neighbors rather than be forced to coexist with them. Red Harvest’s Pleasantville is an example of a town filled with more artificial relationships than natural. Both works show that relationships are not only important but the type of relationship formed is dependent on the area of which it originated. 

The piece shows a natural relationship forming between the men as they mutually support one another in rowing the boat.
A glass and gold like appearance was common for women such as Dinah in Red Harvest. A character who often gave off the aura of transparency but really only cared more about luxury and personal gains.
Gossip is an example of something can spawn artificial mindset about someone that could eventually lead to artificial relationships.
Relationships aren't for just people. Note how heavily industrialized cities like Detroit led to a more artificial sounds such as Techno and Drum and bass.
Prostitution a common example of artificial relationships. The woman's face is grim as the man is resting with a content look. She understands what he wants but he doesn't understand how she feels.
Diversity leads to a natural sense of curiosity which grows to form relationships just for the sake of understanding alone.
Men and women, all invested themselves and their time into a simple game of cards. An area of which each volunteered to join and are likely to learn about each other through their choices.
Rio, Brazil in what would appear to be an era of a booming economy but the photo shows an area that is made for nothing else beyond business, as there are all suits and now women.
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