the Bill Of rights

Max Zhao Period 2/5

Amendment 1 Basic Freedoms Congress cannot create laws that go against Americans' basic freedoms that include the freedom of religion, press, and speech. Citizens also have the right to group up peacefully and request the government to correct wrongs. This picture represents the first amendment because the birds and the people are very free. They look like nobody else can go against them and they look powerful just like the citizens' rights.
Amendment 2 Right to Bear Arms For the use in militias, people are allowed to carry and own weapons. This picture represents the second amendment because the little people look like citizens providing military service in a militia.
Amendment 3 Quartering of Soldiers The government is not allowed to force citizens to let soldiers stay their homes in peacetime. This picture represents amendment 3 because it is very peaceful and there are no soldiers forcefully entering any of the citizens' houses.
Amendment 4 Search and Arrest Without a good reason, the government cannot inspect citizens or their property, or take their belongings. Usually searches need a warrant approved by a judge. This picture relates to amendment 4 because in order for government officials to search the train, they need a warrant.
Amendment 5 Rights in Criminal Cases There are basic rights for citizens who are accused of crimes. They cannot be tried for the same crime more than once, or to testify against themselves by force. This picture shows an arrested man for a crime. It relates to amendment 5 because he has his rights in court.
Amendment 6 Right to a Fair Trial Citizens who are accused of crimes have the right to a fair and public trial by jury. They also have the right to a lawyer and can question witnesses. This picture of a court house relates to amendment 6 because it is open to the public and accused citizens have their trials in there.
Amendment 7 Rights in Civil Cases To settle disputes over things of value, citizens have the right to demand a jury trial. This picture shows an accident and the victim can demand a jury trial if the injury is over 20 dollars.
Amendment 8 Bail, Fines, Punishment Fines and bail from a court must be fair. Punishments for crimes cannot be harsh or strange. This picture of Apollo and Diana punishing Niobe by killing her children is an example of what amendment 8 should not be.
Amendment 9 Rights Retained By the People American rights must be respected by the government, even ones that are not listed in the Constitution. This picture is a representation of amendment 9 because the people in the carving are respecting each other.
Amendment 10 States Rights Any powers that the Constitution does not specifically give to the federal government are given to the states and the people. This piece of art relates to amendment 10 because it is a fist holding on to a cloth, just like how the states, and the people are holding on to or keeping the powers that the Constitution didn't give to the federal government.
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