7th grade research (J.M.W Turner)

Joseph Mallord William Turner or as you might know him J.M.W Turner was born on April 23,1775 in London, England. His mother died when he young and his father was a barber. When he was thirteen he started making drawings and would put them up for sale in his father’s barber shop. When he was fifteen years he won the rare honor award. Then at eighteen he owned his own art studio. Before he even turned twenty many print sellers wanted to buy his paintings for reproduction. Shortly after that he was elected an associate of Royal Academy. By the time he was twenty-seven he became a full member and began to travel all around the world. When Turner was traveling in Europe Venice inspired some of his best work. A Turner grew older and older he never had any real friends he was always alone. After a while he stopped showing up for meetings at the academy. He still had exhibits, but rarely sold anything to anyone. In 1850 he had he last exhibit and randomly one day he disappeared and nobody could find him. After searching for months they found him hiding out and he was very ill. The next he died on December 19, 1851.I picked Joseph Mallord William Turner as my artist for many reasons. For one his artwork is from all the places he’s been and traveled to. They’re of nature and sceneries he has been too. My favorite piece of his is “Vesuvius in Eruption” it is a of a volcano exploding and the main color of this painting is red. It shows all the different values of red. The ocean below the volcano is also red because it is reflecting the lava from the volcano. J.M.W Turner is a great artist and i’m so glad I pick him I never thought I would learn so much.

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