No Glory in War

The following exhibition features works that present times of war and conflict in their most raw form. These artworks do not attribute any sentiments of glory or glamor to the periods of violence which they document; instead, these works reveal war for what it truly is: a conglomeration of the most base and inhumane acts imaginable by the most intelligent inhabitants of this world. All too often, leaders of both the past and present have attempted to justify and even glorify acts of war, simply sweeping its widespread devastating effects to families and societies under the rug. Unit 4's section on artistic representation of periods of conflict and resolution resonated particularly strongly with me, as many of my own family members have suffered greatly as a result of declarations of war made by those who purport themselves to be our "leaders." Many of us learn at an early age that violence is an inappropriate method of conflict resolution, it is my hope that one day the world's leaders will one day take this lesson to heart and cease the seemingly endless cycle of devastation and heartbreak. 

Credits: All media
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