Art 319 p265

WAR.What is war to you? What kind of taste does it leave in your mouth? How do you feel about it? How does the Soldier feel?  This is my story through art.

The day has come. The day when you get the chance become the Soldier.
Here I am the proud peacock. Ready to show my colors and defend whatever it is that I believe in. I am a proud and powerful Soldier ready for anything.
Working with your team and leading the way. It is job number one to take care of your team and accomplish the mission.
Support the troops who fight for our freedom no matter how stupid you think the reason is. They are there for us to continue on.
The time lost. The moments missed and the enduring love that never fades.
The fight with your fellow Soldiers is one that you will never forget.
As the tours continue and the weight and burdens of war pile up it feels as if you are under the barrel of the M2.
The burdens of war have many physical and emotional injuries.
The silence once the battle stops is deafening.
Long after the war is over. The memories and scars still remain.
Credits: All media
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