Color schemes

Nicole Kelly

This color scheme is monochromatic because of all the different shades of brown. This mood make me feel adventurous because it looks as though it is in the woods.
This color scheme is warm color because of the red yellow and orange. The mood is relaxing because the color make you feel relaxed
This color scheme is Analogous because the water is blue then in the grass there is a shade of green and in other parts it looks a little blue green.The mood is happy because of how the people look.
This color scheme is complementary because it has all the different shades it is supposed to have and the mood is excited because it makes me feel happy and excited.
This color triadic because is in the sky there is red-violet,and yellow-orange, and then fading into the trees is blue green.The mood is calm because the colors together are calm.
This color scheme is cool because there is blue all over, purple in the mountains, and green shaded in with the blue.The mood is cold because the colors make me feel cold.
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