What is Art? CWC project

Art is your hobby, your life, your hood, and your death. Art is what you find inspiring, gives you pleasure, gives you nightmares, and can make you uncomfortable. Art is life.                                                                                               I wanted to find nontraditional art pieces that highlight what different people see as art. I believe art can tell history, a personal story, dreams people have, and so much more. 

This beautifully woven coat highlights how everyday items can and are beautiful. The amount of time that it took to makes this by hand is comparable to someone making a sculpture or a painting.
Bringing nature indoors with this green library. This would be really cool art piece that bring in the outdoors into a concrete area.
Sand as the material to create sculpture showcases how artist are bringing nature back into museums. Grass, dirt, sand, and water are natural ways to change the environment in museums.
Credits: All media
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