Latin American artist

Chac mool is a Mayan rain God.
I think this painting is a great example of how Spaniards and colonizers in general presented native individuals from the new conquered lands.
Tupac was an Incan empire. He ultimately inspired revolutionary Incan rebels to lead revolutions against Spanish control.
In this painting we can see the interaction of Spanish control over Latin American natives. The virgin of Guadalupe is of a darker skin than the original virgin Mary. This skin color encouraged the indigenous to accept the catholic religion.
Brazil encouraged the immigration of Europeans, for example Italians. One can see the whiter complexion in these immigrants.
Here, we can see an indigenous women of Latin America.
Zapata was one of the great Mexican liberators. He fought for independence and racial equality in Mexico.
Mexican artist Frida Kahlo married Diego Rivera who is one of the most prominent muralist during the Mexican social revolution. In the early 20th century the couple moved to New York city. In this painting Frida portraits the great diversity visible in the United States.
I think this painting by Orozco greatly depicts what happened to all the indigenous civilizations in Latin America. Through out history , indigenous and mix people in Latin America have been look down upon encouraging these individuals to deny their ancestry.
Fernando Botero is extremely popular in Colombia. This violent party scene can be very common in Colombia.
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