This is a full portrait of Louis XIV. In this portrait he is wearing his coronation outfit. In his right hand he's holding a scepter in his right hand. He also has his sword and the 'hand' of justice on the cushion on the left. These were known as the "regalia." A Regalia is almost like the emblem or insignia for royalty.
This canvas shows the wide view of the Palace of Versailles and it's gardens. The artist had great precision in drawing the different buildings of the Palace during the first embellishment. THE artist Pierre Patel really highlighted the axis of the gardens , which would become the "Grand Perspective."
On May 31, 1793 The Queens protegee was received into the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture. That same year she exhibited for the first time in the Salon. She then presented a new portrait of the queen wearing a blouse dress. This dress was the queen's favorite during her stays at the Petit Trianon. The visitors of the Salon were extremely shocked because the outfit wasn't befitting for her ranking. She then quickly made a new portrait of the queen in the same position, but in a blue-grey silk dress, showing Marie-Antoinette's constant support for the silk-weavers of Lyon. This portrait became a big success and was replicated many times, with one in Versailles.
This is a statue that is trying to depict the fight against Protestantism. It shows Louis XIV crushing heresy in the form of an old woman grasping a snake and a book from which more snakes spring out from.
This was a picture of Louis XIV's bedroom at the Palace of Versailles during the end of the 19th century.
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