the creation, the originality, the differences, and the worship of "god"

Assignment 13

One of the main things Islam art prohibits then what Christianity does is: The religion of Christianity worships their God by having pictures, portraits, paintings, icons, etc in their homes, churches, cars, etc while Islam religion, they don't allow to have a picture of how he looks, they just worship to their one God, "Allah".
This is also called the "Calligraphy" which held the place of honor. The text lines and palm-tree finial but characteristically does not include any animals nor people. This conducted of long and arduous training. This deal with the "Purity of writing is purity of soul". It is written right to left, with certain characters connected by the baseline in the "Korans".
This would be secular in Islam art. This is enduring testaments to the brilliant artistic work culture of the Safavid. There is no animals nor people, typically designs that define their religion and themselves typically in a luxury way.
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