Off into the sea

This is a collection of artwork that capture the people travel by water.The painting exhibit ponds, lakes, rivers, and the sea.

In this painting we see a crystal clear body of water.The scene is placid and a little muggy. The grass is a bright green and the sky is cloudy. It looks as though a storm is imminent.
Here we see people from all over coming by boat to a big city. The boat coming from the left are a a different make and model from the ones coming in from the right. You can feel the enthusiasm as the people near the dock, preparing for the wonders the big city will offer.
Here we see many small boats traveling down a canal.The water is a dark green color which gives me this area is a place of commerce with a lot of coming and goings.The water looks dirty.
We see a massive boat readying to depart. There is a lot of activity in this scene. We see smoke billowing from the ship into the hazy sky and waves undulating on the aqua blue water. It feels noisy and hectic.I also get a sense of mass confusion from this picture. The are smaller boats passing by from all directions.
Here we see two Native Americans kayaking across the water. The two men travel in peace and solitude in search of food to bring to their family.
In the painting, the artist captures a foggy morning. We can see rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds and reflecting off the water.The painting looks quiet and peaceful.You could hear the bird chipping from the distance.
Here, we see a waterfall and animals in their natural habitat looking on. The artist captures a scene of realism by making the landing misty and the water at the bottom appear foamy. The artist makes the deers look almost minuscule compared large jagged rocks. You could almost smell the salt water by just looking on.
In this painting, we catch a the of the sunset behind a valley.The artist skillfully uses color to show the sunlight reflecting off the clouds and mountainside. The artist also uses proportion to play on our perspectives. The deers and trees are different sizes.
This is a turbulent scene where fisherman strike a pose. In the background, we can see waves crashing onto the boat.There also something about the fisherman that lets me feel they have everything under control.
This painting captures a serene sunny day in the park. One can see a boat cruising down a canal. The artist add the leaves from the trees reflecting off the water and adds ripples in the water to make it appear as if the boat is moving.
Credits: All media
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