I chose this because of how odd and provoking the street art is. This will show odd and thought provoking Street art.

This particular wall shows a stressed and sad human being. The reason I chose this is because of the passion in it. It has so much meaning and it's so simple yet speaks loudly. Also the colors are very dull which sets the tone.
The wall reads hope a weapon against despair. which really speaks in it's own. It's bright with color which gives it that hope. I chose this because of it's message behind it. That you can hope and it will fight the despair.
A giant wall that reads faith and contains some crucifixes and also the Texas flag colors. I think one of the reason I chose this is because it is unique in it's own and really show the faith of Texas. Also it is very bright and colorful which is something you would see as a color of faith.
This work is untitled but very odd in it's own right. The color scheme of all green and some blacks thrown in there. I chose this for it's sheer weirdness and marvelous beauty of odd works of art. This very curious work and how it shows the women form.
This is showing american fast food icons and as evil. Which is very true in american society today and how we love these icons, but we hate them and should for a reason. Which is one reason I chose this and also the colors of it showing how evil they are as well.
A giant possum destroying a city on a building side. The reason I chose this is because it really how odd street art can be. Also the detail on this is amazing and intricate.
Nobody Denim Melbourne is a modern piece that speaks for itself. I chose this for it's message of the american consumer and how it shows that we as americans are nasty at times and don't care about the world but just themselves.
This is the second part of the piece of the art before it. Which is showing a covered women. I chose this because the first part of this art is very uncovered and this one is not. This one shows a islamic women covered and hidden from prying eyes. Which is very different from the other one.
Raccoon is a cute and odd piece of Street art. This is showing a raccoon hiding behind a backpack. I chose this because it shows how different and varying street art can be. It shows that street are sometimes doesn't need a deeper meaning to be art.
It's a side of a building and it's just plain black. The reason I chose this is because it shows that you don't need to follow the rules of street art for it to be street art. Also it has to clear image and it leaves your imagination wondering which is cool.
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