A Dash Of Color

By Dylan Easterday:                                                                A little color goes a long way. In this gallery, see how color can contrast with the mundane to set a mood, and convey a powerful message.

This painting's vibrant use of color, provides a stark contrast to the monochromatic people in the scene, and creates a sense of wonder and awe within the colors.
Dac's use of color, within this piece, gives personality to this mysterious woman. As if she is acred, but brave, showing her true colors.
The calming blue tint applied to this photograph illustrates the cool serenity of this riverside. Additionally, the white padding gives this space some room to breath.
Banksy's use of bright and saturated color, differentiates this child's dream, from the harsh reality in a very imaginative way.
The use of color in this mostly bland and colorless work, leaves something to be wondered about the ambiguity of the subject.
While this piece may be in full color, it is Nattier's use of the blue ribbon, and red cheeks that illustrates this beautiful Woman of a high stature.
Gharem's 'No More Tears' has an excellent use of the color red, while using no other bright colors, to imply the weight of the blood that has befallen on these countries.
This abstract piece has an excellent use of bright yellow, in contrast to the dark and washed out colors found in the rest of the frame.
Abderlrahman's 'Revolution' has a powerful use of the color red to infer her importance of the people, over the government.
In this piece, Gerilya has an excellent use of saturated color in order to illustrate the child's dreams.
The negative space within this work is only effective because of its fantastic use of color. The vibrant pink and purple contrasts so well with the extensive use of white which makes some great shape.
Davis uses his colors very creatively in this piece. Much like an actual memo, the color only gives a small piece of information, leaving much to be wondered about.
'Exodus' does a very good job at invoking the worst thoughts in the right way. Its use of color within the dark, really gives the sense of anxiety that the Jews must have felt, in their time of plight.
This work, rather than have a wonderful use of color, has a fantastic use of 'anti-color'. The black areas of the painting create a dramatic and ambiguous perspective as to who and where this man is.
Finally, we have yet another interesting use of color. However, this time, Bell has implemented and extensive use of color around the subject to highlight what art truly does for him.
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