How can we make sure our energy future is sustainable and efficient?

This is an inspection of science and art. As technology progresses and we look at alternative energy sources, we must consider the effect on society and on culture.
During the transcendentalist time period, artists saw nature as all powerful and formidable. We are no longer in awe of nature, we try to control it.
This is Nixon signing environmental legislation. Though energy is often a topic of political discussion, it is not emphasized nearly enough.
These seek to examine how we look at the world and at nature. This was very beautiful to me and highlighted how important trees are.
If we want our cities to remain breathable and livable, we have to ensure air qualities are decent.
This emphasizes the smallness of humanity in comparison to the rest of the world, a mentality which is no longer as prevalent.
Pollution has been occurring for such a long while, and so we have many years of wastefulness to account for.
Again, a look at how we view nature.
This is another look at the parallels between nature and machinery.
For ages society has admired America for its natural beauty, a trait which might be swiftly fading.
Cain and Abel is a good analogy for what humans are doing to the earth. We need to take into consideration that we may have grown more powerful than our natural bounds.
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