Aqua is a series of artworks that revolve around the subject of water. Water in Latin is Aqua, hence naming the portfolio after water. Latin is a lost language, which is rarely used in contemporary time. I chose Latin because water is a resource which because of human impact could possibly become very scarce. Therefore, both water and the Latin language have something in common. The portfolio has a diverse range of types of artworks. Some types include sculptures, paintings, photographs, drawings and pottery. The different artworks relate to the subject of water as they have one or more features that involve water. The potteries uses fish as they live and survive in water, it also includes things such as seaweed, coral and waves. The blue and white colours in almost every artwork signify the colours in which we picture or imagine water to be. The clear or transparency also used shows the true colour of water, when it is not reflecting or mirroring the sky. Most of the paintings as well as featuring water within have some form of greenery throughout. The greenery presents the importance of water as it aids in the survival of life and helps species thrive. Some of the photographs appear almost rustic and old and give the ominous feeling that this vital resource, water could be gone in the future. For example, the artwork Picnic on the Ocean cultivates the love and care that people have for water. The deep colour presents genuine respect which some have for water, however the fading colour at the top of the artwork suggests that things could be different.

Audio Guide: Painted Pottery Fish is an artwork which has an original and modest appearance. The fish shape included with the simple blue, orange and brown colours enhance the old and basic expression given. The quite historic and very old artefact was made in either 1390 or 1336 B.C.E. The artist is unknown, though the location in which it was made was in Egypt. The pottery is currently exhibited in Brooklyn Museum. The pottery was pottered, then painted. The face, tail and fins are painted a light pale blue colour and then a black paint was used to outline the tan coloured scales. The possible meaning of the artwork is to reminisce and acknowledge the common and very important food resource in which was used in Egypt at that time. My personal opinion on the artwork is that it is an ancient and antique pottery of a fish. I think it is very different from normal artworks and has a precious as well as valuable appearance.
Cultural Frame: The orange colour contrasted with the blue depicts the injustice and prejudice given to those who are different. During that time those with a different cultural, belief, gender or skin colour ere alienated.
Post-Modern Frame: The fish present on the plate accumulates a food source, that is inquired by many people throughout the world. This artwork has both cultural and religious importance.The design of the plate outlines a unique and unordinary artwork.
Structural Frame: This artwork was created using paint oil on canvas. The fire symbolises a burning desire within all of us, as it is falling into the waterfall it shows that the desire can be destroyed.
Audio Guide: Picnic on the Ocean is a photograph which is unique and extremely different to normal photographs taken. The deep blue ocean contrasted with the light white sky poses a brilliant and perceptual photo. The beautiful photo was taken in 2002, by Kim Seung Young. The photograph can be found in the Korean Art Museum. The photo not only uses photography, but it also uses sculpture. The sculpture is made with bamboo, flowers and string. The string is used to tie the bamboo into two triangular containers which the flowers are placed in. The colourful flowers represent a mat or picnic blanket in which picnics occur. The possible meaning of the photograph is for witnesses to truly understand the wonderful beauty of the ocean. My personal opinion on the artwork is that it is a unique photograph made to enhance the allure and/or artistry of nature.
Subjective Frame: The photograph contains lost and confused emotions. The blue and white colours portray a sombre mood, which allows a serious opinion to be presented. The waves commit a rough and difficult time, place or person.