All of these art works were created in the BC era and they're from the Greek culture. They all are made out of clay and are ceramics. The bull was created in between 2000 BC- 1500 BC. It's made with earthenware and its from the Greek culture. The bird vase was created in the 10 c. BC. It's made out of clay and its culture is Greek. The plate with the lion was created in Circa 850 BC. It is made out of earthenware and its culture is Greek.  The dog was created in 340- 320 BC. It is made out of clay and is Greek culture 

This bull looks very old and has no legs. The nose is open and the ears look like cones. The bull is like a tan color. The bull was a sacred animal to the people of ancient Crete. It played an important role in Festivities.
The main part of this vase is the bird, which has a handle on the top of it for pouring things. The color of this vase is a dark brown. This vase it used for pouring things. They are usually found as grave goods or as ritual vessels in sanctuaries. These vases still occur in in graves of children and adults, but only wealthy ones. It is used in graves because of its color and of how calm and graceful it is.
The main color of this plate is a light tan color. The outside of the plate has rings that go around it in red/ brown and green colors. On the inside is a lion with a lot of close details of the legs, face, and stomach area to show the bones and muscles of the lion. Around the lion is flowers. The lion on this plate reveals the contemporary influence of Assyrian art, which is transmitted through imported decorated textiles.
Around the neck of this vase is a painted band showing a decorative pattern and it has a woman who is holding a bunch of grapes and a fan who is sitting on a rock. The bottom of this cup is the head of a Laconian dog, which is a breed of Spartan origin. The laconian dog is one of the most popular breads in ancient Greece. This dog was known for its speed and its skill to hunt. There are many paintings and sculptures of dogs to show how important they are to the Greeks. This object is a cup or container used for wine in ancient Greece.
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