Study 1

stream with rocks; forests unusual colors
evokes chilly and foggy a.m.
great simple brushstroke representation
great hands; very smooth, and lissome glance
interesting contrast with sunset
simple yet representative strokes
his long, thin brushstrokes
note highlights and thin beard
horse posture
thin lines/scrapes and colors
texture; child portraiture
small brushwork
lots of loose, tiny strokes
Gauguinesque; light over dark color
white over blue water; minimal trees; wavy strokes
mossy grass; rock shapes
odd shapes, colors
large masses with few details
2 blues, violet, 2 greens, red; tiny daubs
minimal representation of figures, structures; pink-blue-gray sky
effective sienna, red oxide, gray & green
aqua, white, cream, brushwork
architectural study; tree shapes, brushwork
vegetation; rosy directional faces
simple profile portrait
blue violet sky; figures with indistinct faces; earth
aqua, ocre, green countryside
excellent landscape with slightly unrealistic waves
very stiff material folds; fur, feathers, teeth
rusty polluted sky; vague buildings; detailed boats; nicely-colored water
easy, vague shapes, rainy pavement
pleasant colors; folds of cloth
wetlands, clouds
pretty colors; effective water, clothing
a real dog
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