computer scienec work

this piece caught my eye because its a very well done piece. has so much detail with no flaws to the blind eye
i choose this because I've always liked piece that include the ocean. extreme amount of details that are done to the peek , for example the water looks extremely real which puts me in awe
everyone likes flowers especially if they are well done. This piece is so delicate. I would like this on my room wall
I've always loved pictures that are made with pencil. black and white really brings out the picture. its just extreme.
i choose this picture because the artist made it hard to see what the picture portrays so you look at the picture longer and really see how beautiful it is
i choose this picture because this picture portrays love. it shows the joy someone can get from another.
i choose this picture because it shows the curiosity children have. mindlessly just grabbing for anything.
i choose this picture because i think highly of boxing a lot. its a very well done picture. so much going on in the picture and its clear to see what they are trying to show
i choose this picture because it brought a smile to my face. its a well done piece
i don't really like tennis but this picture was just really well done. the muscles in the man was very well defined
i like how they man the ceiling so realistic. it feels like i'm in the picture. its done well enough that i can imagine the conversation they are having.
i choose this piece of art because when i see hockey i like it. its a very nice piece
this picture shows some what of the a farm life. the dog chasing a animal. i also like how he showed the striations in the dogs ribs from jumping.
i like this picture a lot because it shows more then just a bowl. it shows the patients someone had to rebuild it with the broken pieces
i choose this picture because its just so nice. all the details are amazingly well done. i could stare at this picture for a while
i choose this picture because i now the extreme **** work that was used this piece. it has extreme detail that just puts you in awe
i like how you can still see the mans emotion in his face
this picture shows how one will protect whom they love
i like how the fur on the monkey is so real. i can feel the fur. its just extremely amazing
all the little details in this picture is beautiful. the flowers, the trees, the dog , the kid. it looks like a picture token with a camera
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