"pattern and texture"

Ethan Ratzlaff

This photo demonstrates a pattern, with the spirals coming together in a repeating manner, also creating negative space.
The design of the leaf, though not perfect, creates a patters though its imperfections. Also, the leaf seems to have a semi-rough texture.
The aircraft flying in the sky are arranged in a line for show, creating a pattern.
The grid of baby beds create somewhat of a pattern,though one bed is empty.
This image creates a pattern with the unevenly spaced cheese grate holes. Also, being a cheese grater, the texture would be very rough.
This image seems to be of wet sand creating an imperfect pattern. This creates a smooth texture.
The pattern here is created from flexible pieces of wood being weaved together. The wood has a soft to semi-rough texture.
These mats show perfect patterns.
This quilt has a flowery pattern around its edges, creating in a way negative space on the inside.
This piece has many different outward expanding patterns.
Credits: All media
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