Harlem renaissance

This art piece shows how music can effect how things are perceives. it shows how the music flows just like the colours do in this composition. It shows the free going spirit of the harlem renaissance
This is a photo of an apartment building in Harlem New York. This can give you an idea of how people lived. They were very close together so people got to know each other very well.
This art piece show many men working together to build a building. This shows how people worked together to create a life that they wanted to live.
Here you see a white boy working as an apprentice to a black man. This shows that the racial stereotypes are blending creating a more equal life for everyone.
This art composition is of a african american woman and her son celebrating christmas. This shows that everyone has the same morals and values.
This photo is of a jazz band preforming a piece. this shows how fun and care free Harlem was. Everyone dressed up for these events and had a ball.
This is a photograph of two black elderly women walking. This photo is relatively normal but thats what makes it special. It shows that everyone is the same on the inside.
This is a portrait of Aaron Douglas. He was a famous artist in Harlem, New York. He was influenced greatly by events going on around him. He was called "the father of African American arts.
This is a photograph of Louis Armstrong. He was a famous trumpet player in Harlem. He was raised by a jewish family. He picked up a trumpet from a store and ever since he was in love.
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