Stephen Gacio: Depravity

This funeral like scene painted by Böcklin in 1883 is an amazing work. Its combination of a dream like state with a serene feel truly makes it unique.
Friedrich painted this painting in 1810, it is typically accompanied by Monk by the Sea. This painting shows the complexity of the human condition in terms of its depravity along with our constant need to hope for the better.
This painting by John Martin, 1853, depicts the judgement of humanity and the initial suffering through eternity.
This painting by Karl Brullov, 1833, takes an interesting perspective on man. The rawest point for a human being is when they are afraid and that the entirety of the premise in this piece.
This painting was done by Vereshchagin, 1871, is absolutely enticing. Its raw depiction of the death during war.
This painting done by Böcklin, 1872, shows the fragility of life and the ever heavy burden of death on our shoulders.
Corinth painted this painting in 1912, this painting depicts the pain of man. It also shows the raw emotion found in a man that is near death and lost everything.
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