The Definitions of Line

Line styles in art have always held an important part in conveying part of the image's story. The lines in these pieces show some of the definition they can create.

The lines in this image define the patterns in the gate and bring the eye to the details the lines create.
The lines in this image are very definite and provide a guideline for the composition of the buildings, and contribute to the illusion of depth and perspective.
The lines here begin to become less structural and flow more with the landscape. There are still definite lines that aid to the perspective and three-dimensional effect of looking down on the scene.
Lines are greatly used here to form the objects in the foreground. Outlines are used to bring more attention and focus to the front.
Lines here are used not for shape but for dynamics. The lines here depict movement in the trees and water.
The lines in this image are more subtle but provide a guide for the objects, then an emphasis in the focus points. The lines here bring more attention by adding more color and movement to the trees.
This image is more minimalistic and uses mostly lines to form the objects. The use of more lines brings more emphasis to the object and fewer lines draw attention away.
Rather than outlining objects, lines in this image fill the objects and tell the story of a dark woodsy scene.
Lines are used minimally here to outline the objects, with color applied to the places that stand out.
Lines are used here both for structure and for texture. Lines are through the buildings and in the water and relate each of the objects to the next.
Lines here, and lack thereof, create a ghostlike scene of color and skeleton-like forms.
Lines are used with shading here to form the subjects in this image in a minimalistic way.
Gestural lines of different thickness and size depict the image of a man in a simple way.
The lines in this image show movement in the gestures and flow of the scribbles and subtle shadows.
Gestural lines are used to show a movement and fluidity of the subject in this image.
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