Michael Caballero

I though it was really unique because you don't usually see an animal make from flowers standing at two or three stories high. It looks like it took about a year to grow it that tall.
This painting seems to be in London or some place in Europe. It shows a couple families sitting on the beach. Also a few fishers on the shore with there boats with the city right across the river.
This helmet looks to be a show piece in a museum that may have been used in a war. It looks to be a roman helmet. There are people on horse and they seem to be killing people who are begging for mercy
In this painting it seems to show a families life in three sceens. The one on the right shows a husband and wife. The middle one shows the husband chopping a tree. On the right looks to be a grave.
This paint shows George Washington at Yorktown with some of his men. There seems to be a couple horses in the back round. Also two ships out in the distance.Also what looks to be four sunk in ships.
In this picture it shows what looks to be different classes of people. Lower class at the bottom mining while higher class is at the top. In the middle seems to be people like farmers or carpenters.
In the painting it looks like a queen is sitting at a table while her servants who seem to be really short are getting her food. Also the little guy in the green shirt has feet for hands.
It looks like in this painting there is a big tower in the middle with houses around the outside. Also in the bottom left hand corner there is the king with some guards and people begging for mercy.
In this painting it looks to be two army's fight each other with horses one army seems to just be standing there and watching while the other on horses is attacking with spears.
In this painting it shows a bout at a shipping dock with some people loading up stuff on to the ship. Then on the left side there looks to be a food place and on the left a store of some sorts.
In this painting it shows a people sitting on a trolley with a kid sitting on his knees looking out the window. There also looks to be an industrial place behind in the back round also with some houses.
In this picture it shows a crown that must have been worn by a king or a very important person. The as in the title was made in Hungary and it is called the holy crown to it must be a kings crown then.
In this painting there seems to be a lot of boats in a river going through a city which looks to be located somewhere in Italy at least thats what it looks like. It also looks like a parade on the water.
In the picture there seems to be and older man in a black and white picture with him standing by his desk with large bookshelves behind him and a chair and little table next to that chair. He seems to be a well educated man.
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