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People with sad facial expressions 

a.I cant really see the clothing in the picture but it makes him look on the wealthy side b.The background is dark blue and has some hills. c.Its has hills and mountains in the back he seems to be religous d. Bob is very mad because his mom pushed him into a wall he is always helping people and his village but his mom killed his happiness
a. The cloths make her look very rich and wealthy b. There are trees in the background so she looks pretty wealthy c. The viewer wants us to to think she is all grand and popular d. Alexis very serious because she needs to go to the market after to get milk she is always helping her family
a. She is a queen with lots of cash because her cloths look very expensive b. It focuses on more of the person not background c. They want us to think that she is the most rich and palest person ever d. Caterina is the most grand queen ever she is always helping people and her country
a. The cloths say that she is rich b. The portrait focuses on them c. She wants us to think she is so rich and wealthy d. Barbra is very rich and just moved to a new town
a. The clothing tells us she is not very wealthy b. The week in the background says that she might like the outdoors c. She is very nature like d. Suzanne a mean with who hates everyone:(
a. the cloths say that she is rich b. the background looks to me like she is in her room c. the artist might want us to see the letter is important d. Jen just got a letter from her father on a work trip
a. the cloths make her look rich b. the portrait focuses on her no the background c. she wants us to not how rich she is d. Abby is feeling sick because she got food poisson
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