human nature at its best and worst

Human nature is full of different emotions, that can be shown in symbols, pictures, and art. It is the characteristics, feelings, and traits that all mankind possess. As in the words of Abraham Lincoln, "Human action can be modified to some extent, but human nature cannot be changed."

A child will always feel order when there is a watchful eye from the respected.
There will always be some type of fence blocking you to do things, and human nature is going to make you want to climb it. People naturally want what they cannot have.
Fire is a symbol of power. Power, just like fire, needs to be controlled or it will spread and become unstoppable.
Power rises those above the rest, but if they are raised too high, they will eventually fall.
Human nature allows you to react to things. When you are scared, you react with fear and usually your first instinct is to run.
Human nature will make you ask questions to better understand the world. This picture made me think of this because there are so many things going on, it makes you confused, and confusion leads to questions.
This picture relates to human nature because when you are left with people, you tend to stick together, rely on each other, and work together. You create a sense of community.
This relates to human nature because it is clearly out of someones imagination. It also relates to it because, if you think about it, people are can be seen as sleeping lions who are always ready to be woken up.
Every person has a sense of childhood inside of them, no matter what age they are, and children always have that one thing that is extremely important to them. For some, it is a teddy bear. For others it may be their family, knowledge, or kindness.
Human nature causes everyone to strive for something in life. It may be education or power. Whatever it is, we all do things for a purpose.
Kindness is a part of human nature that comes when you are around those you care about. It comes easily for those you want it to come to.
Everybody has some war going on. Whether you are physically fighting it or mentally fighting it, there is some type of conflict in your life that you will have to overcome.
This really reminded me of human nature because living makes you smile. There are a lot of good times you will experience in your life and smiling makes it all feel even better.
A healthy way of living is with equality and balance, which is what we all strive for in life. Not all things should be equal, while others should be but are not.
You will be disappointed, or sad in your life a lot of times. It is just human nature that you will not agree with something, think something is wrong, or something bad or disappointing will happen, and you will react with sadness.
Love is a part of human nature that makes you forgive all flaws. It makes you care for others and love what you have.
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