LandScape in The Night Sky • (Arnell Barney)

Having such a fascination of the universe and it's never ending galaxy the theme I've decided will feature art work of a variety of different artist all depicting some sort of landscape views in the moonlight sky. A few of other paintings may have the daylight sky as well but have a nice landscape feature also. Starring in the sky sort of give me some sort of hope, faith and a peace of mind that there's a bigger and better picture in any given situation.

The Starry Night artwork features a very nice balance of color blended together to depict the start & ending of different subjects shown within the painting. Great detail in the painting shows repetition & emphasis in the pattern of the brush strokes that were applied to the sky, houses and even in the huge tree.
In this Starry Night artwork the form of houses and the sky is clear to see through a visual representation of solid color. There’s a variety of brush strokes throughout the painting, but an even balance of color depicting the light from the dark showing the beauty in the tone of the night.
Moonlight, Study creates its attractive appearance from the space and color used in the artwork. Showing a variety of different rhythm strokes & patterns applied. Unity in the color displays a form of color family usage between the dark earth tones that brings the painting to life to help the bright light to pop out at you.
A Walk at Dusk shows great detail in the shapes and lines applied to help emphasis the object shown. Great use of space as well as balance in the color also helps to show detail in the tress to where you can see small branches soaring in the sky under the full/crescent moon.
Moonlit Landscape with a view is one of my favorites due to the even use of earth tone dark colors. The balance in the contrast of light and dark really helps to illustrate the shape and form of the clouds and the river in the far view of the art.
Zealand Landscape show and impressive usage of space and shows a focus on the form of the mountain itself in the far view. Good balance in color across the entire painting to show a smooth brushstroke showing difference in the field to where you can see sand in the plains and even small animals in the field.
Coast Scene by Moonlight grabs attention displaying good usage of high contrast showing detail, and proving a great blend between dark and light colors. A even balance of color helps to depicts the form and shape of objects, showing where the clouds start and the lake or river ends in the far view.
The Sleeping Gypsy is a fantastical depiction of a lion musing over a sleeping woman on a moonlit night. Illustrating a great depiction of different forms of shapes and color. Using lines to emphasis the women dress, along with the lion hair. Followed by the beautiful landscape and nightfall representing my theme.
Moonlight (Night Scene) represents my theme in a peaceful moonlit scene, trees contrasted against the sky, the moon seen through a tracery of foliage, veils of atmosphere creating patterns of receding planes. Showing solid rhythm and pattern of the brush strokes, emphasizing the dark and light tone. The landscape of the night sky.
The Summer Spire represents my theme in a view of a Night sky on the cliff of an Island. Great usage of light and dark colors, to depict & balance out the difference between the sky all the way down to the shape and lines of the branches.
Credits: All media
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