Sense of Self

Images representing a symbol of one's sense of self according to emotions, feelings, and ego

Gilgamesh, the ruler of Uruk, has quite the ego. This image portrays a similar "confidence" the giant has because of his size, over the city, that Gilgamesh seems to have in the epic... At least in the beginning.
This image in fact relates to The Epic of Gilgamesh because it is the sword that Gilgamesh and Enkidu slayed Humbaba, the ogre. This act of courage and confidence to slay Humbaba made Gilgamesh feel heroic and glorious, building his ego even larger than before.
This sculpture is the mighty head of the forrest ogre that Gilgamesh and Enkidu ventured to hunt down. They felt they needed to prove their heroism, bravery, and strength by killing this "monster", which is exactly what they did.
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