Nepal and Pakistan Culture

Samantha Grant

The Prince and Princess of Nepal. The family line goes down generations and generations for the next prince and princess when the current ones pass on.
This sculpture represents the honors the parents of the individuals who commissioned the statue.
Rebuilding has been going on for months from a big earthquake they had,but they still stay manage to stay strong and keep working.
This painting is of the Rato Macchendranath temple displays the importance of patrons in Nepalese artwork.
This lady in Pakistan had to use a radio to communicate with anyone in this region.
This is Buddha which is huge to this culture and it has a lot of meaning.
This is a decorative Persian handle, that many residents keep in their homes.
The head of the Buddha represents "the one who's awake".
The water in Nepal is limited so they have to save as much water as they can.
The buildings of the schools were too risky because of an earthquake they had so they had to shut down a lot of schools.
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