Nature is powerful and yet, calm. It is powerful and yet, beautiful. Nature can make us afraid but yet, we are drawn to it. We want to experience nature and be one with it. Some people can only express themselves when they are in a place away from human civilisation.  Nature has survived since the beginning of time and will be for eternity, yet, for all of us we will be swallowed up by nature and nothing will be left of us. Nature is forever.

The theme of nature is on displayed in this gallery. The paintings on show reflect the landscapes that make up the natural world. Come on a journey with us and travel along the coastlines to experience the soft beauty of the sand and the overwhelming power of the sea. Then we move away from the coast to the rivers that hug the landscape. Rivers seem to be nothing but a huge flow of water that travel to unknown locations. Yet, rivers are a bloodline to the barren landscapes that lie nearby. Rivers provide the water to farm the land and in turn, feed millions human beings. We then travel all the way to the point where all rivers start, a place high above the land. The mighty mountain ranges are where all rivers start. We showcase the best of the mountain landscapes for your enjoyment. If rivers are the bloodlines of the land, mountains are the backbones that hold the land together. Finally, beyond the mountains where the clouds don’t reach, where the landscape lies in ruins and wild by mankind.  A place we call desert.  Hot and desolated, yet, unmatched by its beauty and what emotions it expresses.

Post modern
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