Where the wild child wanders

These images have been selected based off of places I have been and are still vivid in my childhood. Growing up on a farm, there was lots of open space and places to explore. These images remind me of these adventures and take me back to my happy place of feeling alone and on top of the world. Furthermore, the represent things that I I value- time alone and freedom. All of the images have similar themes in that they are landscapes and do not contain people. They are detailed with colour and setup, and allow me to put myself in the setting. The first image is of rolling hills, with a town set inside of them, reminding me of the town I grew up in. The second is taking looking into a valley with a large river running through it, similar to the one my brothers and I would swim in on a hot day after unloading loads of hay bales. The third is of cows on a frosting morning, a similar sight to my farm on the cold April mornings. The fourth image is of an open field filled with crops, just like the view at the back of my farm. And finally, the last image shows vast open land, with a large tree and forest in the background. 

Credits: All media
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