Ancient Greece - Cycladic to Hellenistic

This sculpture has many characteristics that define it as Cycladic, including non-realistic human features, non-detailed characteristics, and a more modern feel to it. The fact he is holding a cup signifies the luxury the society had. 
This Minoan Jug is characterized by the paintings and detail on the jug  which represents a Minoan story. The jug was probably used for domestic purposes and exemplified the culture had free time to be able to paint such a beautiful jug for such an ordinary purpose. 
This Mycenaean female figurine stands with her arms folded is a very common cult representation. The work is very simple and not realistic at all but it represents the culture honored women. 
This Archaic period ring is very representational of the culture. On the ring is a simple carving of a man and his dog. The ring could be of someone important or a middle class family, the ring is a luxurious item but it is not extremely significant. 
Theses Early Classical Greek vases are very ornate and actually tells the stories the cultures believe in. These vases were used to carry supplies to trade to other villages and the greek stories would travel along with the goods traded.  
This Hellenistic  marble sculpture is extremely representational of the time period. At this time artists focused entirely on capturing a moment in time that is at the peak of a certain experience. This sculpture is very seductive with the flowing fabric covering her and wrapping around her body. The piece is very dynamic and very atomically correct. 
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