Art elements

Line- This piece of artwork demonstrates the usage of lines through the long and short strokes the artist made. By looking at this masterpiece, you can see the different types of lines used as well
Shape- This piece of art represents shape by showing only 2-D drawings, which means only height and width. This drawing is a mixture of an organic and geometric shape.
Form- This sculpture refers to for because it has height, width, and depth. If you were to see this sculpture of object in person, you would be able to pick it up and open the little door seen in the picture.
Value- This painting represents value by seeing the the dark shades and the light shades the painter was supposed to show through the artwork. This value in the painting is formed because of light casting a glow on some of the figures.
Space- This piece of artwork is defined as space because the positive and negative space is shown throughout the drawing. Th black part of this drawing is the emptiness and the pale color is the actual object.
Texture- This art refers to texture by the smoothness of the vase. The texture really is able to stand out in this drawing and because this object is 3-D, it really stands out to its audience. This shows real texture.
Color- This painting shows the three essential parts of color, hue, value, and intensity. The color that thrives from the glow of the fire projects onto the peoples faces, which causes different values to appear. This piece of artwork also has a variety of high-intensities and low-intensities.
Credits: All media
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