Psychological and symbolic color use in painting

Amanda Ferguson, Amanda Hembree, Brandin Gillman, Storie Allison

Storie Allison Symbolic Color The US Flag is symbolic of color because the red and white stripes and the blue background with white stars are representative of The United States of American.
Storie Allison Psychology of Color Blue- gives the feeling of cold and depression
Brandin Gillman Psychological Impact of Color Yellow - bright, cheery, and reminiscent of sunshine. A drop of the golden color can really improve ones demeanor.
Brandin Gillman Symbolic Impact of Color Green, the color of money. Worldwide, the most predominant color in printed currency is green.
Amanda Hembree Symbolic Impact of Color The colors of nature are universal. The green grass and trees are symbolic to growth. Blue is symbolic to the sky and stability. White is symbolic to puffy clouds and purity.
Amanda Ferguson Psychological Impact of Color Red- life, excitement, and energy. People surrounded by red find their heart beats faster and they often feel out of breath.
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