Propaganda-War and Women

Showing that all people, including women, can do something to help the war.
Encouraging women during the war to save money and do what they can to help the war.
Encouraging people, in this case a woman, to carry their groceries and walk places rather than drive so that tires will last until the end of the war.
Women fighting for their right to vote.
Encouraging women to write to their husbands and significant others while they are away at war.
Depicting a woman assisting in the war, being a corps driver.
Stressing the importance of participating in the war, showing women encouraging their husbands and friends.
Showing how all people, including women, helped in the civil war.
Proving the point that without women being involved in the war, we wouldn't be able to win.
Stressing the impact that all people have on the war and what they have done to help.
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