This gallery is meant for you to look at different forms of dance. To look at the angles that each performer is making with his/her body. Also for you to look at the expression on the performer's face to try and grasp the emotion in which they are attempting for you to feel. Each piece of art in accompanied by a stage. This is for the viewer to become the performer. To allow them to be free and creative. The last room of the exhibit is a room with holographic lights. The is for you to dance and be creative and actually see what you are doing. It is meant to be a fun exhibit that will let your creative juices flow. I hope you enjoy!-Michael

In different forms of dance the use of different costumes can change the overall look and feeling of the dance. In this image the performer is making large arm/body motions while holding her costumes for effect. This could represent a large moment within the music phrase.
With every student comes a teacher. An instructor makes the perform whom they are. They teach the students all the need to know from choreography to performance quality. What you see on stage is what was inside the instructors head.
When looking at this photography the performer is using the fabric to add another texture to the performance. You can see the angles she is creating with her body then once you add the fabric it changes the piece as a whole.
Again the is a another use of the fabric material within a photograph. Looking at the performers emotion she is looking sorrowful to me. You could also say lost. Maybe even trapped. It becomes very hard to tell what the dance/performance is as a whole without knowing the piece as a whole.
When looking at this image try looking at one person at a time. What form is he or she making? Then take the whole image in. Every person is different in there own way. They are also using each other as support in order to show different dimensions and angles.
When looking at the image the main thing your eyes go to is the man in the center. I look at the angle in his legs, feet, and upper body. Then I look at the others that are in the photo. They are creating similar shapes yet are in the background. All the shapes are slightly different but the focus is the man in the center.
In this image both dancers are making the same shape with there lower halves. Both making a 90 degree angle. The man that is standing has very abrupt angles throughout his pose. You could say from his fingers to his toes. The man on the ground also has very abrupt angles as he is also "supporting" the upright man.
Each performer has there own special job in this photo. All doing something different yet making every piece connect together. This is an image of a modern ballet piece.
All five of the dancers are in mid jump when this photo was taken. Each of the performers right leg is perfectly straight while there back legs are bent into what is call a back attitude position. The goal of an ensemble is to be perfectly together in every moment. They achieve it in the picture.
The goal for this would be for an interactive piece at the end. The room would be filled with lights and as you changed so did the lights. You could see the different angles you were creating and just have a fun time. I would like to have music playing that was upbeat so you could have a great time.
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