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This object has radial symmetry  because no matter where it is split it would look the same.
This item has normal symmetry because if you split it down the middle it would be nearly the exact same on both sides
This painting is symmetrical because both sides are mirror images of each other, so splitting it in half would give you two identical paintings
this floor has radial symmetry because if split from anywhere both sides would match
this art piece is asymmetrical because  both sides are the same, but flipped. if the sides were to be rearranged in a different manor we would see they are very similar  
this piece shows radial symmetry because you could cut it horizontal or vertical and it would hold its symmetry 
I see an asymmetrical painting here, because alone each panel would be incomplete but together they balance each other out.
This painting is asymmetrical because of how each side completes the painting 
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