Street Art

In this exhibition, you will see 8 pictures of  extraordinary street art by a few different artist. I chose to do this exhibition on street art because I find these handcrafted masterpieces to be inspirational to me as well as others. Each one of these images are not only beautiful but many of them have a story behind them. Enjoy!

This inspiring street art is by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. When I look at this image it warms my heart. The boy looks as if he is thinking of something important, like his future maybe.
This street art is by lost Souls. This image is very fun, colorful, and creative. Although I am not sure how everything ties in together, I still like it. The big hamburger grabs my attention.
This street art is by Alice Pasquini. When I look at this image, IT reminds me of the boy in the first image. This lady looks inspired by something. She looks like she thinking of something important.
This street art is by Zadok. I find this bird to be very gorgeous. I think it is an eagle but I am not sure. I love the colors used to define the bird.
This street art is by Obey-Shepard Fairey. This image of President Obama is absolutely beautiful. I think this is an amazing way to depict the president. The use of red, white, and blue blend in well.
This street art is by Shamsia Hassani. I like this image most of all. The 3D of it is amazing. I cant believe a painting such as this can be created. That blue color really catches my eye.
This street art is by Shamsia Hassani. This is another 3D favorite of mine. The image looks so real. As if you would actually fall if you step on that bridge.
This street art is by Shepard Fairey, Obey. The colors in this image really grab your attention. They are bright and vibrant. The detail in the elephant is amazing as well.
Credits: All media
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