Elements Of Art

Honor Code: "I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work." Katie Corbi

Element of Art:Line The lines in this vase have a variety of direction in each column. They all have a pattern and are repeated multiple times. These lines are all split up in columns which could give the vase a peaceful feeling. These lines are all descriptive and are based on designs to give the vase of Egyptian feeling.
Element of Art:Color This artist used different so many different colors to make the sunset so vibrant and colorful. The colors suck as the reds, oranges, yellows gives you a calm feeling filled with warmth. The blues, purples, and darker shades of greens gibe you a sleepy feeling and reminds you of night. The colors balance out each other well.
Element of Art:Space This artist used space to give the feeling freedom from what I think. He put the rocks to the side to let the space from the sun and the sky be the focus of the painting. The sun is spaced farther to the left so the rock would not be blocking it. The space used in the painting gives it balence.
Element of Art:Texture This artwork has the texture of a moon. It seems very hard, rough, and bumpy. This effect was given by the holes or dents in the moon and the shading of the holes.
Element of Art:Form This artwork has a free and organic form. The object is 3D. It has curved edges and is a irregular shape. It is a very random piece of art.
Element of Art:Shape This artwork is a bunch of geometric shapes put together. They all have perfect, straight edges. The shape makes the drawing to look like the northern lights. To me it seems it looks the the artist used shapes like triangles and rectangles.
Element of Art:Value The value in this artwork has the value scale from light to dark. The lightness is in the background or the negative space. The darkness is in the center of the artwork to give it a mid evil, creepy, scary feeling. Then the main part, the bull, is lighter so it pops out.
Credits: All media
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