Color schemes

By: Danielle Beacham

Primary colors This artist took the colors yellow, red, and blue and only used these colors it is the perfect showing of primary colors.
secondary colors This artist used the secondary colors and primary colors but he used dots to build the picture.
Complementary colors This artist used the complementary colors red and green. This is a perfect showing of how to use you complementary colors
Monochromatic The monkey in this painting has different shades in it also known as monochromatic.
Black and White This is a photo of a chapel sitting on a hill and the photographer photo shopped it and made it black and white.
Analogous This artist used green, purple, and blue in this painting it shows that these colors work together.
Cool Colors This artist chose to use bright colors in his painting also known as cool colors
Warm Colors This artist chose to use dark colors which makes the mood of the painting but its also know as warm colors
Credits: All media
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