Life During The Great Depression

The dust bowl was an agricultural, economic and social disaster that occurred on the great plains of the u.s during the 1930's.poor farming practices, severe drought and high winds devastated the farmland, created huge dust storms that killed thousands. the dust bowl forced thousands of families to move west
shantytowns are found near rivers,lagoons or city dumb sites.lacks sanitation, hygienic, water supply and electricity.are mostly found in developing nations
The new deal was a series of programs enacted by ted roosevelt through 1933 to 1938. the ssa act(social security act) provieds unemployment insurance and helps the disabled people.the sec act( securities and exchange commission) restricted margin buying and regulated stock market
the breadlines were unemployed people who couldn't pay there rent or mortgages. a breadline is another program to help the pour people who dont have any were to stay the get free food everyday.thousands of people waited just to get there food it took hours sometimes
soup kitchens in american all started in 1929 when the great depression began.when soup kitchens first appeared they were run by churches and charities.the soup kitchen served 1,500 to 3,00o people per day
more than two million men and around 8,000 women became hoboes . at least 6,500 were killed in one year or either in railroad accidents.hoboes begged for food at farmhouses and if they gave them food they would mark the place and that would let the other hoboes know that it would be a good place to beg for food.
the hoover dam is by the Arizona Nevada border to tame the Colorado river and provide water and hydroelectric power for the developing southwest.this dam stores enough water in lake mead to irrigate 2 million arces and serves as a tourist was constructed between 1931 to 1936 during the great depression.
Was a popular name were 43,000 marchers and 17,000 world war 1 veterans that gathered in Washington D.C they demanded cash pay redemption of they're services certificates. It was led by Walter W . Waters a former army sergent.
the civilian conservation corps was a public relief program for unemployed,unmarried men from relief families apart of the new deal. it was apart of Roosevelt new deal it provided unskilled manual jobs related to conservation and development for natural resources.In nine years 3 million young men participated in the ccc.
couldn't find picture. the agricultural adjustment act it reduced agricutural production by paying farmers subdsidies not to plant on part of their land and to kill off excess livestock.its purpose was to reduce crop surplus and raise the value of crops.Generated through an exclusive tax on companies which proccesed farm products
Dorothea Lange was an influential american documentary photographer and photojournalist.Best know for depression era work for farm security administration.Her photographs influenced the development of documentary photography.
The Migrant Mother was born Florence Owens Thompson September 1st 1903.The library named the image destitute pea pickers in California.She was mthe mother of seven children
The work progress administration it employed millions of unemployed people mostly men to carry out public works projects.Almost every community had in the United States had a new park,bridge or school constructed by the agency.Provided 3 million pad jobs for men and women and the youth in seperate divisions.
The Wagner act it guarantees basic rights of private sector employees to organize into trade unions. engage in collective bargaining for better terms and conditions and work etc. Also created the national labor relations board. The act does not apply to workers who are covered by the railway labor act.
The Tennessee Valley Authority Act it was created by congressional charter to provided navigation, flood control,electricity generation, fertilize manufacturing etc.It is called the Tennessee Valley Authority because that is were the great depression hit the most.It would also be a regional economic agency that would use federal experts and electricity to rapidly modernize the regions economy.
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