"Every age projects its images into its arts." The dadaist movement was a response to the horrors of the world wars. It challenged polite society, and contained nihilistic and anti-order subjects. These various groups did not share a universal style, but rather were connected by their rejection of idealism, stale artistic and intellectual conventions and modern society’s unchecked embrace of ‘rationalism’ and ‘progress’. Many dadaists were known for condemning the ideas of capitalism and nationalism, and other things that led them to war.

This work is reminiscent of Schwitter's earlier abstractionism, while still applying some of his "merz" creativity. The painting is almost thrown together, while still having a collage-like feel.
Merz style of art is quite clear here in the use of scraps of everyday objects to create masterpieces. Although this could be described as shabby to some, it definitely emits a feeling of depth and meaning, like art should.
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